|VISION 2027, BRM|

I am MALINI, I am a Voice for Universal Love, Transformation and Shared Prosperity.

"Voice is the force of breath, therefore Voice is Power."

Mentor and Entrepreneur, Head of BRM

BlueRose Matrix (BRM)

Portfolio Description

Vision 2027, BRM

Educating Quantum Universal Laws that governs life and organisational conduct towards Sovereign Well-Being.

BRMOrg FinScience

Mentoring Organisations, Entrepreneurs (including NGO) and individuals in strategic enterprise management driving exponential wealth growth.

BRMOrg FinScience Results

"It really gave me a comfort zone in my mind, that this is the direction to take."

Susan Sax

Owner, Hotel 46a, Switzerland

"A project got stuck for 3 years, within a week we are signing our collaborative agreement."

Anne Tham

CEO of Ace Adventure Group, Malaysia


I am here with My Team to Make our World a better Space for all.


In 2027, I now see a sovereign world of Wellbeing with Peace, Love, Light, Joy, Happiness and Compassion.


Awakened and educated Organisations and Individuals through BlueRose Matrix focusing on Transformation and Shared Prosperity towards Well-Being aligned to Quantum Universal Laws.

The success of how BlueRose Malini creates Rapid Wealth Growth in alignment to Quantum Financial Laws

BRMOrg FinScience is a strategic enterprise management consulting tool that bridges the Gap of the current Karmic or Universal Energetic reconciliation that exponentially increases wealth capacity through Quantum wealth energetic flow.

BRM specialises in Quantum Universal Laws as the forefront of the Business Entrepreneurship. Quantum Universal Laws are a set of mapped universal wisdom to BRMLifeLaws and BRMBizLaws in which each set contains 12 high level interpretation that is brought down into unique strategies for organisations and individuals and has proven to turn over organisational growth in an exponential manner through strategic forecasting using our very own proprietary formulations that facilitates Quantum Wealth Flow.  

The fact is that most of us worldwide currently are in the 3rd Dimensional energetic capacity whilst the Universal Consciousness and the Laws require us to be on a minimum of the 5th Dimensional energetic capacity as of 21st September 2021.

BRMOrg FinScience and other BRM solutions help bridge the gap with successful application of 3 years data science and mapping with the following methodology:


  1. BRM has brought forth BRMBizLaw understanding there is a Quantum Financial Law that dictates wealth and sustainability. This is deployed in our strategic management consulting that differs from one organisation to another.
  2. Stating the above, this alone is immeasurable to the collaboration and partnership with Higher Wealth Energetic Capacity that MALINI brings which is required to facilitate the Quantum wealth energetic flow driving wealth sustainability for Entrepreneurs towards One Vision 2030. This is the primary factor that drives the exponential wealth growth in our testimonials.
  3. Aligning current Organisations towards the Vision 2027 to create a sustainable future for the world, therefore education through our strategies will birth forth a new generation of Leaders aligned to Quantum Universal Laws and focusing on Shared Prosperity.

"A journey of a Single Mother through the Covid-19 Pandemic with BRM FinScience. 100% income growth through 6 months"

Michelle Sursen

Micro-preneur, Australia

"With BRM FinScience, she experienced a hike in her income just within two weeks and is now able to sustain through the month."

Vimla Gangiah

Micro-preneur, South Africa

"I’ve had double the income previous months with lesser efforts from me. I’m a lot happier at work, everything is aligning."

Didith Gabrillo

Micro-preneur, Atomy, Australia


BRMOrg FinScience For Organisations and Entrepreneurs

3 to 6 months program to increase financial growth with Enterprise Management strategy using BlueRose algorithm.


"Her business has been growing and she has ranked up as a first Double Diamond in Malaysia within 1 month."

Dorothy Ng

Founder of Radiant Heart, Malaysia

"Within 2 weeks, BRM turnaround my company sales, increased by 50%"


Founder of Maha Asia, Malaysia

"After continuous introduction of customers & my company became a household name in town."

Selva Kumar

Founder of Mega Shine, Malaysia


Leon Chan

BlueRose Malini


Joseph Christie

BlueRose Malini


Andrea Yokota

BlueRose Malini


Michelle Sursen

BlueRose Malini


Uma Devi

BlueRose Malini



“Malini has high vibrational energy, a shining empathy, and instills a deep mindfulness in her contacts, making her highly sought-after.​ Her approach was very holistic, aligning office energies to facilitate flow, and achieving a high level of business development.​​ Our company experienced unprecedented expansion”
- Patricia Norris
CEO of CTE Group of Companies, South Africa
“I have known Malini for over a decade, and she is one of the most mentally fit, spiritually balanced, and high performing people I have ever met. She has a strong passion for helping and inspiring others to grow successfully. Her positive demeanour translates across all backgrounds, religions and cultures.”
- Annie Silindu
Founder of “Scope Community Services” Lilongwe, Malawi
“Before I met Malini, the rooms in my home were dusty, full of accumulated possessions long put away and forgotten, airless and had a faint sense of heaviness which made me want to close the door and shut it away again as soon as I entered. After apply Malini's directives, my home was transformed. It had plenty of plants, the sound of running water was peaceful and comforting, the rooms were bright and airy. My heart filled with Gratitude.”
- Dr Fauziah M Yunus, Fay
Founder of Fauziah Dental Surgery, Malaysia