Bluerose Malini - BlueRose Metaphysics stretch revolutionary methodology in Feng Shui & Vastu transcending cosmic science, merging down flow of wisdom, to applicational knowledge in elemental energy. Coupled with science of time , we tap in the right stars in various areas of life.
BlueRose Metaphysics, Feng Shui, Vastu, Projective Choice, Personal Reading, Pooja & Altar Services
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The world is in such a craze of chasing materialism or rather wealth, without looking at the deeper roots to achieving there through life experiences.

I have seen people just talk about wealth and yes money is essential for survival but yet one fails to see how do i strive ahead to achieve stability in life.

Is it really about wealth alone? the answer is definitely not. Though i rather call this basic financial stability in life rather that wealth. Basic financial stability is the end product and not the forefront focus of a business or career. The forefront is called the roadmaps, the choices, the opportunities.

What is needed are the abundance in knowledge and opportunity, to open the doorway to the end product. Abundance not only comes comes through knowledge but opportunity to meet helpful contacts, . Can this be identified in a birth chart or premises, the answer is yes, as everything in life is an aggregate of elemental matters from consciousness that can be seen in a tangible form.