City of buildings and BlueRose - BLUEROSE MALINI
Bluerose Malini - BlueRose Metaphysics stretch revolutionary methodology in Feng Shui & Vastu transcending cosmic science, merging down flow of wisdom, to applicational knowledge in elemental energy. Coupled with science of time , we tap in the right stars in various areas of life.
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City of buildings and BlueRose

City of buildings and BlueRose

Across the globe from Europe to Asia, 3 different countries, technology helped us paved the way forward. I worked with Malini on a crisis management situation from a client in a different country to where I was located. It’s my first experience doing this, however Malini’s experience paved the way forward in transcending the distance and looking at offsite support.

How did we managed it….is an experience worth sharing.

I had to facilitate the Feng Shui analysis between Malini consulting from Switzerland and me in Malaysia to our client in a different country. In Feng Shui, generally its critical to use a Lou Pan as this is a highly precise Feng Shui compass that reduces all sorts of magnetic influence, however the most important factor is that the reference is not like a typical compass that points to north magnetic pole of the earth and neither does it indicate the geographical south pole, the needle of the lou pan actually points to south magnetic pole. In order to ensure accuracy in finding the problem and deriving a solution, one critical aspect is the fact-finding i.e. to get the correct facing degree and door degree of the property and other information such as move in date to a property. Using elemental reference of metaphysics such as the time of analysis and the elements derived from this, through the chinese metaphysics element or vedic system alternatively is used at the time of analysis between me and Malini, she pointed out that the charting element of the time of analysis can be derived to say that the degree given is totally wrong and that there is negative elements coming from a certain angle of the house window from external landform coupled with yearly aggressive energy that we further verified with pictures. With all information corrected (the client sent us the wrong degree) and pictures collated, the consultation begin by firstly realigning the entire hexa door to a difference of 23 degrees versus the degree the client gave.

How the degree was concluded? It’s all about elements as Malini told me during the consultation, and indeed she obtained evidential occurrences for realignment that we have kept for record keeping that was synchronising at the time of analysis for overriding the degree. A decision was given to me by Malini to override the degree given by the client for the chart alignment to proceed on analysis.

When consultation immediately commenced, lo and behold, based on the realigned degree, we hit the exact location of identified problems the occupants in the house were facing. I compiled the completed report and made an appointment to run through the report with the client separately. Off-site support consisted of a conference call and interactive support via chats, to address the solutions to be placed and some compromise, within reason, due to space constraints and weather conditions etc.

This experience showed me how important it is to also take into consideration the client’s point of view for example, they had essential items stored in a space that needed to be positive and we discussed some workable alternatives that they could work with in order for the solution to be in place. This is far from the mainstream Feng Shui cures. The client had extremely high standards and expectations and the remedies suggested had to also look modern, functional and in tune with the client’s style. Based on the clients’ feedback after, I was pleased that at the end, they were very happy with the service rendered and the solutions put in place.

Malini has taken Metaphysics into a different level defying the need to be physically in a location for audit, as she has put it in our tagline “A radical approach in Metaphysical solution”, however it must be said that one has to be entirely in tune with pure awareness unhindered by attachments to do so. In this situation all consultation directly flows from her directions and thence analysis commences thereafter.

This experience has taught me to bow down to the elements of nature. It is indeed a force to be reckoned with…to be respected. In cities and towns, where development is so rampant, most times the energy is so disturbed and aggravated as we witnessed in this case. Occupants who live or work in such areas of space will face many struggles and setbacks despite all their efforts forward. Nature finds a way. With BlueRose Metaphysics, these occupants have been given a chance to live more in harmony now with nature as it should be, and I wish them well.                              Uma Devi