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Bluerose Malini - BlueRose Metaphysics stretch revolutionary methodology in Feng Shui & Vastu transcending cosmic science, merging down flow of wisdom, to applicational knowledge in elemental energy. Coupled with science of time , we tap in the right stars in various areas of life.
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Effort & Growth

Effort & Growth

Lutry Lake Switzerland

Over the years of meeting people and dealing with issues I have personally witnessed, and those whom have come to me either for consultation or help. A fundamental issue that i have seen is the reluctance to change.Whether is in the house Fengshui or astrological chart and advise on behavioural patterns, one is always reluctant to rise above the comfort zone and change.

In order for metaphysics to work is firstly to be humble to this science that belongs to the source of creation that has transcending down to help humans evolve and prosper. Humility is essential for grace to flow coupled with the effort to change to enable growth.This is not isolated to a society or individuals, I have seen this reluctance to change of the comfort zones across my experience, Malaysia, Indonesia, Cape Town South Africa, Switzerland and else where.

After intense study on metaphysical science for a person or a house, deriving the most cost effective solutions that looks simple however the process to get there may not be as simple, it boils down to the willingness to change for the grace to flow to enable the magic of the elements to work together like chakra points connected.

In order to help you, you must be willing to change and hence the change will drive itself with support of the universe. With effort comes grace and growth.

By Malini