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Tapping the stars with Interior Decor

Tapping the stars with Interior Decor

Would you believe it, if I said that my now indoor garden space was my STOREROOM before? Yes, it was my storeroom where my family dumped all our unwanted or rarely used things. But I’m glad I made the decision to dispose them and create an indoor garden.

I’ve always seen the true inner beauty of everything around me and strive to bring it out the best way I can. This was the case with my home recently. I was motivated to create an indoor garden in my humble home within the limited space that I had. It started out as a decluttering effort to upgrade the space for personal Residential Science that needed to contain Qi. After the initial clearing and new setup was done, I suddenly saw the true potential of the space, that I had never seen before….the true inner beauty of this space in my home that was hidden and waiting to come alive. I decided on an al-fresco concept for the space, basically, to bring the outdoors, indoor. I could visualize breathing in fresh air and seeing freshly bloomed flowers among terracotta like décor inducing a calming, relaxing environment. I bought some flower plants first, to brighten up the place but the challenge with keeping flowers indoors as it needs lots of sunlight. I duplicated this process by installing energy-saving indoor lights and that seemed to work brilliantly (and wouldn’t put a dent in my monthly electricity bill either). I also picked flowers that are more resilient plus generous in their nature and I wasn’t disappointed with my choices as everyday now I have freshly bloomed hibiscus for my home. What joy this gives me!

The drab wall was replaced with an affordable wall-paper, a fun DIY project for the whole family and turned out better then expected. It all came together with the artificial grass and goodbye grey cement. So now I had the light & water for the plants to survive but will they thrive? I had to think about this….and decided to do something totally unexpected. I unhinged the door from the frame and suddenly, air was abundant, the areas wasn’t closed up and even better, the area became part of the house.
It is so serene and soothing to the eyes whenever anyone walks past this space or looks at it. The experience has been so joyful as I put my soul into decorating it. It’s not completed yet as I’m looking forward to enhance my indoor garden further….but that’s a story for another day. An interior décor project that was a breathtaking experience for me.














By Poonga Vijahyakumar