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Solution for Karmic debt: BlueRoseMalini

Solution for Karmic debt: BlueRoseMalini

Introduction to Karma and its Debts

Karma is a Sanskrit word, which gives a universal fact that “You get what you do” – This means simply we can say Karma influences your future based on your past. Some great saints in this world say that Karma works based on your memories. Just think, you have, your body has some similar characters or similar looks, as like your ancestors. We do not even remember about them but still, our internal memories do. These similar characters and looks are only by your memories (Karma). As per your Karmic Debts, Karma can affect you both in good and bad ways. To lead a peaceful life, it is very important for one to clear all his/her Karmic debts. In these articles, we are going to see briefly about the types of Karmas, its debts and ways to eradicate these debts.

What is a Karmic Debt?

Karmic debt is a thing by karma, which may affect your life both in good and bad ways. In other words, good or evil thing that you owe to others or others owe to you. Consider if you have done something bad to someone and escaped from the crime (which means you don’t pay for that), in this case, you have one karmic debt and you will be paid later by someone to you in an unexpected way. It may happen to you in this birth or another birth. So, better know your debts and clear it to lead a peaceful life.

How does a Karmic Debt work?

As a student opens a new notebook when promoted to the next class, he/she goes along with their previous year’s studied memories. Likewise, a soul taking birth on this earth also took all its karmas of the past. Karma is simply defined as “impression of souls”. And this is how a Karmic debt works.

Ways to clear your Karmic Debts

Once it is done, then there is no way to escape from the consequences of Karma(both in good and bad ways). But in Bhagavad-Gita, it is said as, if you detach yourself from the outputs of your action, when you do not let yourself as a doer and rather make yourself a tool of the supreme power, which is acting through you, when you have the awareness in everything that you do, then your free from the Karma that is created. Types of Karmic Debts

There are there different types of Karmas.

1. Sanchita Karma,
2. PrarabdhaKarma, and
3. Agami Karma.

Let us see a short brief about these karmas and their debts are paid.

Sanchita Karma- It is the sum of overall karmas you did in your past. And one important thing about this karma is, you can’t experience it in a single lifetime. As long as your past karma list enlarges, it continues and affects you every birth. But we can get rid off from this kind of Karma by doing Sadhanas like Yogic practices and meditations with the guidance of supreme masters. And in this way, you can wash out your Sanchita Karma.

Prarabdha Karma- It is a type of Karma, which is already in the ripened state and is on the way to be experienced. This kind of Karma is unavoidable and you have to experience it. There is no way of escaping from it. But somehow we prepare ourselves for accepting both the positive and negative karma and it leads to closure of that particular karmic debt.

Agami karma- This type of Karma is created by ourselves in our current birth. And you can control this karma by controlling and your actions. You must have control and consciousness of the thing you are doing, and once you aware of the things you do, then you are free from the Agami karmic debt

Solution to Karmic Debt

Using Synthesized Pure Knowing – Problem (Karma), Solution (Grace & Mercy)is accessed through 24@BlueRoseM™ Hexa Wisdom. Once a reference point is established for a Problem, applying the solution using Metaphysical tool, the issue area is identified by the locations these stars moves on a daily, monthly, yearly basis. If Problem is Karmic the Solution is Grace and Mercy. With BlueRoseMaliniTM Wisdom, Synthesis of Random Chaotic Energetic patterns of a Home or Business Space is Rearranged, Redirected, Realigned; Harnessed to the maximum potential it can yield to  a specific Life or Business Goals to harmonize the Highest Potential of Grace within the Spectrum of Universal Law.

The Right Knowledge and proper actions holds the keys to life problems coupled with humility and humbleness that comes with this Grace.

24@BlueRoseM™ Hexa wisdom of Metaphysics Activation helps you Acquire the Grace in Projective Direction™ for:

  • Right Actions in Life & Business with Grace of;
  • Right Approach to issues at hand
  • Being at the Right Place
  • Being at the Right Time
  • Being with the Right Network and/orAcquaintances
  • Having the Right Knowledge to do the required work


Do good, and good will comes to you. Spread positivity, it will cherish your life with positivity in all ways. If someone did something bad, then just keep calm and let Karma finish it.