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The Balancing Act of Life-Yin Yang Theory

The Balancing Act of Life-Yin Yang Theory

Yin- Yang is one of the most fundamental theories of Feng Shui. In the Chinese metaphysic system, 3 fold trinity of luck is explained to express the trinity of luck into our lives from heaven, earth, and Man consisting of 33.3% each. I would like to explore further on this and take a new turn on understanding this concept and call it grace. Feng Shui can create Powerful, Positive results in our home and Business. Yin and Yang are dependent opposites that will always be in balance. Yin and yang evolved from a belief that they cannot live with each other. In Chinese Philosophy Yin and Yang considers as a concept of dualism. Yin and Yang refer to “Negative-Positive”, “dark-bright”, “Female-Male”, “Cold- heat”, etc…

    The heart of a human being is no different from the soul of heaven and earth. In your practice always keep in your thoughts the interaction of heaven and earth, water and fire, Yin and Yang.

                                                                                                                         -Morihei Ueshiba

Every being is comprised of two opposing, but complementary energies-yin (the feminine) and yang (the masculine). Yin-Yang both form the circle of life

From the wisdom of the yin un-manifested heaven that lies dormant to the yang manifested heaven, expatiating such theory is that manifested wisdom is a moving knowledge and intelligence bounded by elemental energy. The clairvoyant can create a fine line between forecasting and prediction which I term as Projective choice and referring to matter which takes a tangible form which is the results.

Nature and the environment are the two things from which the yin yang theory is derived from. Yin yang means shadow and the bright side, here yin refers to the shades of slopes and yang refers to the bright light side of sunlight. Simply saying yin refers tonight and yang refers day. As we have seen above, in other words, it also refers to men and women.  Everything in human life can be included in yin and yang. From the above theories, it is very clear that both yin and yang are the two completely different things. Even though they are different and opposite, they are interdependent. They are inseparable and cannot exist without each other. Together they make a totality in nature. In yin-yang a black dot (referring yin) in the yang space(white-colored portion) and the white dot(referring yang) in the yin space(black colored portion). At the beginning of time, the vedas described 4 yugas/Era that man will have to pass through from the origin of Source to the manifested Brahman and thereafter to the split of the non dual manifested Brahman (Yang Heaven – ParamAtman-Supreme Self) to duality state consciousness,  where the entire Ying & Yang concept has been derived from the Hetu and Lo Shu number.

The creation and the creator remains merged and thus the connection to the infinite source remains merged in union as One flowing from the universe into earth and I call this Heaven on Earth as a whole encompassing completeness of creation as the manifested Brahman now remains in constant state of harmony back to the Source.

As a conclusion, the path towards destiny is focusing on objectives and goals from yang heaven to manifest the road map to success. Yin yang theory also playing a major role in our life, we can also compare our life with this theory. Like the theory, human life has its ups and downs, a brighter side and dark side, a wealth side and a poverty side. One who understands this theory well will understand what life is, and how to tackle and act in both sad and happy moments. No outer force can affect the person who follows the yin yang theory.