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The Unexplained Intellect:The importance of Karma and Dharma

The Unexplained Intellect:The importance of Karma and Dharma

Karma and Dharma are the two inter-related things or actions (good/bad) in such a way that someone owes to you or you to someone. Karma is a belief that may affect your life based on your actions in the previous or current life. Karma says that If a person does something good to others in their lifetime then something good will surely happen back. Dharma having a key concept with multiple meanings. Dharma mainly defines the lifeline duty of a person. Dharma means an action of people in fulfilling the law, order, duty, etc., in their life correctly and in the right way. These karmas are like tally books where the goods things and bad things are done by the person are recorded. Some people may believe that if good things weigh more than the bad thing then you will gain the same good thing and will be having a high-level rebirth. If bad things weigh more than the good then it will reflect and will be having a low-level rebirth. Dharma also resembles as karma with some slight variations. If one can do all his activities in a dharmic way, then his dharma cherishes him with all health and wealth in his current or next birth. Adharmic person feel stressed when they have not done their activities properly and regularly.

Karma simply comes to tell you that, whatever happened in your past, it will reflect in the future. It may affect you in all possible ways like through the body they have, a place they live, peoples they are surrounded, etc. Dharma comes to tell you that, being mankind we have certain rules and regulations to do things. By following those rules i.e, going in a dharmic way can save one’s life in his/her all birth and also reflects some good things in an unexpected way.

Both Karma and Dharma play a vital role in every person’s life. Dharma and Karma have a relationship in their actions. They both come from their experiences. Karma is something that reacts from certain actions that are done by them. A person who is dharmic in all their activities will have a thought of doing everything in the right manner. Some believe that being dharmic or doing their duties regularly, properly and legally will make their next birth in a high-level manner. In short, doing good to others will surely reflect that shows karma and doing the same good to others by doing everything legally, properly and also correctly shows dharma.

”Karma and Dharma are two banks of river with a deep river flowing between them”

 –  DeepanjanDutta

 BLUEROSEMALINI™ addresses Grace and Mercy is the only solutions for all Karmic problems. The right Knowledge and the proper actions holds the key to life problems coupled with humanity and humbleness that comes with grace and mercy.

With 24@BlueRoseM™Hexa wisdom of metaphysics Activation, Acquire the Grace in projective Direction™ For:

  • Right actions in Life and Business with Grace of;
  • Right approach to issues at hand
  • Being at the right place
  • Being at the right time
  • Being at the right network and or acquaintances
  • Having the right knowledge to do the required work.Thus the capacity of a birth chart can be only improved with what is karmically enabled and or with Divine grace of what can be seen and solved.