Education on Abundance

  • Code to Abundance | What is Quantum Financial Law, and its impact on businesses?

    Every creation or nature has a natural motion or way of living.

    Here are some examples:

    • The planets in our solar system rotate in their own way around the Sun
    • The Moon orbits around the earth in about 27.32 day
    • The Earth’s Rotational Axis Is Tilted By 23.5 Degrees, hence as Earth rotates around the Sun, we experience four different seasons because of our Earth’s angle of tilt.

    Thus, we as humans living on this earth have a natural way of living. And as Business Owners, there is a natural way of running a business. However, most of us have long forgotten this and fall under the spell of adhering to society’s perception of the way of living.

  • Malini | Code to Abundance | The Universal Financial Wealth Matrix KPI’s

    The last few days I have been listening to many Entrepreneurs who are suddenly feeling even more intense obstacles in their business output and ...

    For Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, Individuals and Organisations that fall into this category of Non-Compliance to the Quantum Law, will face more severe hardship based on Universal Core Matrix Laws as the zodiacs intercept in the next 3 months. The clock is ticking, and the cosmic tsunami has risen. You are racing against time as the force of the Universal Cosmic White Lion is here.