Lack of awareness on the cosmic perspective and the quantum shift of energy not in relation to AI but a higher Cosmic UI (Universal Intelligence).

Let’s dare to say, there is a divine field of intelligence that is decoding every action of humanity down to cents, numbers, action, thoughts and way of living. Let’s also dare to say there is a theoretical book that balances our inward living and outward living. Assuming we all are in the court of judgment, a reconciliation of human growth which evaluates:

  • how well we have lived,
  • preserved our natural resources and
  • factored societal growth together,

could be some of the judgment evaluation collectively as Humans. If we were put into a court of judgment when this Higher Cosmic UI evaluates us.How would you evaluate the collective human society? Would the scale be balanced? Or could it be off balance? And if its off balance, on which side of the scale would we be? Negative or Positive?

Assessment of ROI from a JEDI Perspective (lets say assessment from a creator perspective)
So now let’s say we are all well-educated adults or even not well educated but smart enough to make informed decisions with a rational mind. If you were on the other side of the court, not the one to be judged but the judge itself. How would you credit our collective human growth and all factors represented above in ROI terms? Let’s allow our thoughts to ponder this for a while....

Now let me fill in my thoughts, if I was on the other side, perhaps I would say with all that’s happening around us, despite the beauty we witness in the world, the technological growth, however at a large extent the unsavoury and negative outweighs the positive. We are at an extreme negative side of the ball game.

That means humanity at large is in a debt…….well any logical mind would say so seeing what is happening around us as we witness daily the extreme Debt, Pollution, Death, Abuse, Trade Wars and Competitiveness for World Power and the list goes on.

What could be a potential solution?
Well there are many answers to this, but I guess a simple answer is the best. Leadership of power and authority needs to change to that of fulfilling universal values inculcated with an inward growth approach breaking all barriers of religious disharmony.

When all else fails, shall we not turn inwards and ask ourselves, why did we first exist or were created. Are we here just for this material expression or for a journey blending an inward growth.

We all know the term of GDP growth which is Gross Domestic Product, can we not add another meaning to it, God’s Domestic Production. As we clean our yard and improve our business processes to optimise ROI and Growth, perhaps this is what is happening to all of us collectively. A GDP improvement, seems scary, but seems so true.

Let’s work towards conscious living and understanding more to live consciously blending laws and governance of not only each country’s requirements but also Universal Laws and strive for a healthy GDP both inward and outward that can help reduce debt, create more collaborative spirit and enhance our human evolution to seek answers to why did we first exist?

Action with qualitative values.
We all can participate and evaluate our own living, use tools that you may already have, whether it is from your own religious perspective or spiritual practices. Personally, I am highly fond of statistical data or Data Science in my 13 years of corporate exposure, I am extremely well versed and love to work with numbers, not to mention KPIs. I create KPI within seconds whilst some people with me struggle to see how I use Median, Mode etc. I even love converting emotions into KPIs so that is also how I use these algorithms in BRM formulas so I can understand how I can improve my life inwardly.

My favourite 6 step process as I work with BRM Clients and new favourite tool of mine, apart from BRM Algorithm Modelling, is blending tools from workshops of Jay Abraham and other leading experts in the field of Business Geometry. But coming back, everyone can evaluate your own KPI of how you have lived a life factoring your own KPI at the moment and see on which side of the scale you end up at and look at improvement measures that can align to your respective belief system or universal values.

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