For Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, Individuals and Organisations that fall into this category of Non-Compliance to the Quantum Law, will face more severe hardship based on Universal Core Matrix Laws as the zodiacs intercept in the next 3 months. The clock is ticking, and the cosmic tsunami has risen. You are racing against time as the force of the Universal Cosmic White Lion is here, and it is beyond the ordinary reach and is in full compliance to the execution of the Quantum Laws to usher humanity to a world of peace and shared resources for everyone in line with the UN SDG mission and goals, however, the universe is executing the lead on this! Be prepared, you either rise or fall till you learn your lessons. These are the industries: -

  • Tobacco Industry (Owners and Employees) – Detrimental Products to Human Health
  • Excessive Mining, Oil and Gas (Owners and Employees) – Detrimental to Mother Nature as the world is already supposed to embark on alternative energy source that has been suppressed inclusive of Tesla’s patented formulations that doesn’t require humanity to pay for electricity sources that can be harnessed not through the sun but through the unseen cosmic energy around us.
  • Non-Approved business or illegal operations governed by the respective countries’ local governmental legislation.
  • Businesses that are not aligned to the purpose of the Shareholders’ Life Purpose.
  • Businesses that have negative shareholders’ karmic Quantum Financial Grace.
  • Businesses that are unethical including malpractice and corruption.
  • Owners and Individuals that evade tax or are non-compliant on tax declaration.
  • Businesses that are not contributing to CSR or UN SDGs.
  • Businesses that are not aligning to Human Evolution and/or have products that are non-compliant to Human Evolution, this does not include support services and essential services.
  • Businesses including Jewellery businesses that support unethical sourcing i.e. illegal mining and child labour.
  • Metaphysics practitioners that are not in line with the true capacity of knowledge, wisdom and spirituality and may interpret, teach, and consult the wrong methodology that can be detrimental to an individual’s energy fields. This does not include practices such as Ayurveda, body talk, Yoga, Qi Gong, and other body healing tools as they fall under a separate category of metaphysical activities that focus on the physical body, as long as it is in compliance with proper methodology.
  • Coaches, trainers that do not have the competent wisdom and can mislead an individual, deviating them from their path of the purpose of life lessons with the notion through teaching and coaching others, that they can create and manifest what they desire that ties in with the law of attraction which is against the Quantum Law.
  • Religious orders and individuals that condemn other righteous religious practices or Righteous Guru as fake, satanic, or as misleading: We are all allowed as per the Universal belief system that every righteous faith should respect each belief system and allow an individual to vision the face of God as Light, Nature or even Guru as an Individual, to acquire their spiritual growth process as this is the primary reason, we are all here.

These lessons that would be faced for the above said individuals will take effect immediately as lessons learned and improvement. These cycles are reconciliation of thoughts, words, and actions every month as minor (the first strike of the lightning - metaphor) cycle and every 3 months as major (the third strike of the lightning will burn - metaphor) cycle. It may get harder as time passes if they don’t learn their lessons. These are some of the consequences they may face or be put through as listed below by understanding the first impact of the Business Core Matrix Laws: -

  • Lawsuits
  • Sudden and Exponential loss of Finance and Wealth
  • Circumstances of situation that will deprive mental wellness and well-being.
  • Accidents and Mishaps, Physical Injury
  • Unexplainable hardship
  • As the saying goes “from a King to a Pauper”

By MALINI, Founder & Director of BlueRose Malini

Business Entrepreneur, Consultant and Mentor


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