Code to Abundance | What is Quantum Financial Law, and its impact on businesses?

Every creation or nature has a natural motion or way of living.

Here are some examples:

  • The planets in our solar system rotate in their own way around the Sun
  • The Moon orbits around the earth in about 27.32 day
  • The Earth’s Rotational Axis Is Tilted By 23.5 Degrees, hence as Earth rotates around the Sun, we experience four different seasons because of our Earth’s angle of tilt.

Thus, we as humans living on this earth have a natural way of living. And as Business Owners, there is a natural way of running a business. However, most of us have long forgotten this and fall under the spell of adhering to society’s perception of the way of living.

Let’s take Earth as an example of a metaphor for our business.

Imagine one day the earth stops rotating, leaving half of the planet scorching hot under the Sun and the other half of the planet icy cold under the Moon.

The earth is scorching hot means water may be evaporated and this could mean businesses are running out of cash flow and paying unnecessary expenses to keep the business alive.

The earth is icy cold, which could mean the business stops operating and no matter what strategy you try to implement, there will always be some situation that stops you from operating your business.

If we introspect this, isn’t this what we are witnessing to many businesses during the COVID pandemic?

This is happening because over 90% of the businesses on this Earth are out of alignment with the natural motion or the natural way of operating a business. We call this the Quantum Financial Law, the 12 sets of laws that govern business owners in the way they are operating the business.

Over the past 3 years, here are 5 common problems we have witnessed from businesses that are not aligned with the Quantum Financial Laws:

  1. Having incompetent shareholders and/or male-dominated shareholders in the business
  2. Products / Services that don’t contribute to Human Evolution and/or creating a negative impact on the Earth
  3. Compensate employees/collaborators and other stakeholders based on emotions
  4. Non-conducive work environment to the Well-Being of employers, employees and other stakeholders working in the office.
  5. Little to zero contribution to the greater whole.

Here’s the truth, we are only at the beginning of this business catastrophe. In the next 1-2 years, as we have entered a new era, we are going to witness Nature correcting more and more businesses. As a result, business owners will have immense challenges and will be forced out of business.

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