BRM Residential Science is a solution based on BRM@24TM, proprietary formulation that uses Hexa methodology to Redirect and Harness Maximum Grace in your space for your Business and Life Goals. Though similar in concept to Xuan Kong Da Gua (玄空大卦) and San Yuan Feng Shui (三元风水), BRM Residential Science is far superior in yielding Grace in alignment to Universal Laws.

This is due to the fact that formulations of Xuan Kong Da Gua (玄空大卦) and San Yuan Feng Shui (三元风水) are only Metaphysical and related to Elemental Laws. It doesn’t adhere because neither covers the higher subset of doctrines that are required, which are Universal Laws.

BRM@24TM is a formulation that aligns Universal Laws to Life Laws (BRMLifeLawTM). BRMLifeLawTM uses birth details of an individual and looks at the alignment to righteous actions as part of learning lessons of life. This alignment is represented by the terminology Hexa (6) methodology where every aspect is split into 6 key areas of life management to align to righteous living in alignment to Universal Laws.

With BRM Residential Science, not only does it yield superior results to address various life issues by clearing and bringing in nature to targeted location in your space, but also improves the oxygen quality of your home and brings in more Pranic (Life Force/Qi) into your space.

BRM Residential Science


BRM Residential Science complies to BRMLifeLawTM and consequently allowing maximum flow of Grace per capacity of an individual or a space to be circulated.


Thomas Yap

"In the first viewing, I found a willing seller, no resistance. And for an investor, it takes around 4-7 visit to find a property and it’s 20% below market, it’s exactly what I was looking for, and a buyer that was so cooperative and so willing to let go of the property"

Selva Kumar

"One day I got a call from someone from Setiawan, he wants me to polish a Ganesha statue he found in the deep sea at Pangkor Island. After this project, he took me to 7 of his friends houses to polish more items. Eventually, my company have become a household name in Ipoh and they want all their items to be polished by us."

If you are seeking to improve quality of your living space or seeking for sustainability in your life and business, BRM Residential Science is what you need. It is an investment that is more than it’s worth particularly during this difficult times.

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