Life Directives - BLUEROSE MALINI
Bluerose Malini - BlueRose Metaphysics stretch revolutionary methodology in Feng Shui & Vastu transcending cosmic science, merging down flow of wisdom, to applicational knowledge in elemental energy. Coupled with science of time , we tap in the right stars in various areas of life.
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Success and wealth is definitely not by accident. It is always the well-directed outcome of a consciously executed action plan. At a granular level, any form of success can be identified as the result of simply being in the right place at the right time. However, not many of us realize that it is not sheer coincidence but the work of many invisible forces that lead one to take the road to success. Most accomplished names in any industry, has men and women who achieved success by consciously putting to work these intrinsic elements in their everyday lives.

BlueRose Malini Solutions was thus conceived with the mission to take mankind closer to their dreams and goals through strategic interventions that are proven to enhance possibility of successful living. As we all live in an era of cosmic re-alignment, scientists believe the world will witness many dynamic changes that could negatively impact the humankind. However, abiding by the Universal Law of Righteousness dictated by the ancient laws of Land and Water, we can overcome the turbulences caused by time. Rooted in the earliest Vedic scriptures and guided by the most advanced facets of Metaphysics, BlueRose Malini Solutions is the perfect amalgamation of wisdom acquired from ancient history and futuristic insights of modern Quantum Science.  As a channel of Grace, BlueRose Malini Solutions addresses the many karmic problems of life through elemental and metaphysical activations.

BlueRose Malini’s Life Directives is a scientifically grounded set of principles that offer proven solutions to tackle many life problems. Founded on the formulations of Feng Shui and Vastu Shastra coupled with learnings from several other advanced sciences, we let the power of Residential Science to unlock greater possibilities of success in your personal and professional lives.

Career/ Business Goal Achievement:

The challenges of growing a business or successful career are getting extra tricky these days. What worked remarkably well earlier could make way for a disaster today. Despite putting the right efforts, you may not see success if elements around you don’t positively contribute to your journey. The power of the conscious energy and the elements of the universe are seldom ignored by the wise.

We live in an era of cosmic re-alignment. Dynamic solutions that offer a new methodological thinking to our everyday problems have hence become a need of the hour. At BlueRose Malini Solutions, we receive inquiries from a number of people who face complex challenges in their professional lives. While some working professionals find it hard to land in their dream job, other businessmen struggle with financial barriers to boost their sales and marketing.

With the tactical implementation of Residential Science in their primary work areas including office spaces, we activate the respective hexagrams of finance, sales and marketing to improve targeted efficiency. Each client’s birth chart and business details are carefully analyzed to design tailored solutions that reduce the effects of planetary positions.

Personal Relationship/ Communication

Human relations run so deep that to a great extent it defines one’s inner being. Unfortunately, modern day relationship breakdowns have become commonplace. Most of us are looking for reasons on why we have all suddenly become so inept at making bonds that last? The reality is such that at a time when career dominates personal happiness, we don’t need to necessarily look for external reasons to the problem. However, along with motivation to make the necessary change in attitude, we at BlueRose Malini Solutions instill elements from nature that positively influence feelings of love, compassion and grace in homes. Consequently, our clients report considerable improvement in quality of lives and their overall health and wellbeing.

The concentration of creative energy within an individual will lead to a state of mind that is full of tolerance, understanding, compassion and patience. The manifestation of such a level of consciousness is achieved through the judicious application of Residential Science.

Social Image/ Friendship/ Likeability/ Networking

The human mind is programmed from the space where it resides in. While the conscious mind acts upon external stimuli, the subconscious mind can only understand the language of symbols. Therefore, to invoke desirable outcome, one just needs to trigger the subconscious mind with appropriate symbols. Symbols, when placed at the right directions of personal space can program the subconscious mind to fulfill desires.

BlueRose Malini Solutions identify and work up on the emotional hexa location of your home directly impacting your social image. Dwelling in rooms that are boosted with better energetic imprints will enhance your ‘likeability’ factor among people in the society. As a result, you will be able to widen your network of friends and relationships quite effortlessly. The renewed conscious energy will not only transform your social image but also help in finding within yourself, your own source of joy.


“Everyone needs a house to live in, but a supportive family is what builds home.” Families foster emotional foundation in all of us. Stronger the bond between the members in the family, the more emotionally secure they are from within. However, in life’s stormy waters, we see families breaking apart over the smallest fights and factions. Before, things turn hostile in your family life, it will be better to look around your house to make an environmental diagnosis of problems in relationships and make necessary re-alignment of energies.

Based on the astrological birth, time and date of a member in the family, the on-site Implementation Team, under the direction of MALINI, identifies the respective conscious, spatial, yearly and locational energies within the client’s house. The electromagnetic energy flow for the member(s) of the family is thus harnessed to improve the feeling of harmony, togetherness and compassion among the members of the family. Subtle yet thoughtful changes made within the interiors of the house can avoid discontent, arguments, stress and many other reasons of faction that is caused by the environment.

Personal Assets

BlueRose Malini Solutions draws its inspiration from various complex sciences that are proven to enhance human potential to greater success. Grounded on the functional theories of Metaphysics, it is in sync with the spatial science formulated by the Indian Vastu Shastra and Chinese Feng Shui. Delving deep into the knowledge repositories of various other advanced forms of Science, BlueRose Malini Solutions is thus better positioned to offer interventions that can lead people to financial prosperity while always complying to the Universal Laws of Righteousness.

It is true that there is no shortcut to fame or wealth. However, BlueRose Malini Solutions will offer methods to create an environment, both at your homes and office spaces, to attract the energies of wealth and prosperity. In your pursuit to achieve financial security, these interventions can locate your financial sector (the areas that have karmically stopped financial flow )to draw the maximum potential of the space capacity for Grace to flow into circuits of points and boost the personal finance sectors which has hampered cashflow. A regular check on the flow of this newly identified energy will ensure the vibes of wealth and abundance continue to soar upward in the targeted spaces.

Health / Vitality

Neuroscience reveals human beings act as per conscious mind for about 5% of the time only. Remaining 95% of the time, we live our lives based on the messages and habits programmed by the subconscious mind. There would be none like marketers who exploited this functioning of the human brain to drive greater sales for their businesses. Specific triggers can stimulate targeted reaction in the subconscious mind. While it is true that nature’s forces do affect our destiny, through appropriate interventions these forces can be altered to optimize functions of our subconscious mind.

BlueRose Malini Solutions is a highly sought-after methodology to enhance the energy flow within spaces to positively influence the subconscious minds of people. Through a tactical alignment of one’s personal soul energy with the electromagnetic energy flow of several hexa locations of a house, people residing there will benefit from superior health benefits. Human body acts as a magnet. Electric impulses are used to communicate various signals within different parts of the body. Thus, we all carry a personal energy field with us wherever we are. Any external magnetic field will have an impact on the chemical activities happening within the body. Accordingly, BlueRose Malini Solutions employs a variety of scientific tools and principles in a house that positively interfere with the electromagnetic fields of people living there. As a result, there will be marked increase in their overall vitality, longevity and health.

Wellbeing/ Happiness

Human brain is sensitive to space and orientation. Directions and locations in space can have acute influence on its bodily functions. In proportion to the angular velocity, location and direction in which the head moves, the firing rate of neurons in the thalamus changes. Beyond that is the cosmic energy that our entire solar systems is constantly being propelled into. Therefore, the power and quality of thoughts is influenced by these energies faced by an individual. Disorientation can lead to physiological, psychological and behavioral disturbances of the human mind.

BlueRose Malini Solutions can strive to enhance emotional wellbeing in individuals by activating the elemental energy of hexagrams in spaces as detailed in ancient scriptures. Interestingly, the fundamental intelligence of human consciousness is best explained in the age old Vedic Literature which modern scientific experiments are yet to unlock in its entirety. This re-alignment of energy levels propounded by BlueRose Malini Solutions will influence every aspect of brain functioning and human physiology that profound effects can be observed in one’s overall mental state of mind.

Helpful People/ Mentors/ Guidance/ Guru

Vibrating on a positive frequency helps in attracting what you want in life to yourselves. Similarly enhancing personal positivity is paramount to draw optimistic and right type of people to your lives. Manifesting relationships with positive people is associated with quite a lot of benefits. Positive people breed constant dose of motivation, excitement, inspiration etc adding to your self esteem. We all invariably need interconnections to seek help, guidance and feedback to survive the journey of life. However, great mentors are scarce to find these days. And when you find one, you need not get the opportunity to enjoy his/her company unless you send the right vibration.

Invoking the right type of energy in you while approaching people, BlueRose Malini Solutions work on your auric energy field to enhance personal positivity. In case you are battling with low self esteem, we zoom into the internal and external aspects of the problem using 24@BlueRoseM Hexa. This unique method helps in understanding the root cause of feeling weak from within and reducing the inferior influence triggered by certain areas of your house.

Status/ Authority/ Influence

Fame and recognition is the privilege of a few. But the good news is it is not destiny but the choices in life that made these people what they are. People, who act up on the invisible forces wisely, take greater control of their lives. We have learnt in our textbooks, energy can neither be created nor destroyed. But it can definitely be altered. BlueRose Malini Solutions strongly advocates this. We fully believe in the power of Karma that can tremendously influence our lives. However, with strategic interventions, the effect of the planetary positions can be reduced thereby enhancing an individual’s possibility to achieve fame and authority in life.


Pooja Solutions

Prayer is the ultimate mystic tool to reach out to the creative force behind all manifestation. When done right, it is one of the most powerful ways of consciously attracting the universal life force into us. The act of praying is scientifically associated with many health and emotional benefits too. Chanting mantras for instance is considered to be the greatest untapped human power. While repeating syllables consciously, we tend to vibrate from the inside out. But not two people who chant the same mantra are benefited equally.

We at BlueRose Malini Solutions impart guidance and the necessary wisdom to make your spiritual journey a truly enlightening and uplifting experience. The placement of a space for prayer or pooja room is a Science in itself. It is proven that pure Pranic energy is found only in elements of nature. Creative and thoughtful inclusion of entities like conches, statues; deities etc can thus draw cosmic energy into your altar and pooja space.