Conscious Visionary Leadership & Entrepreneur

MALINI is the Founder and Executive Director of BlueRose Malini (BRM), a Visionary, whose Purpose is to help individuals and companies thrive in the present times, through the core formulations of BRMBizLawTM and BRMLifeLawTM. MALINI is currently leading a group of leaders, strategists, as well as companies, in business entrepreneurship.

With 13 years of experience working in an international corporation, MALINI has a deep understanding of the very core of business systems and work culture. She has managed, led and mentored Corporate Functional Heads in developing the Business Management Framework for a company in South Africa from a Corporate or Centralised perspective. As a certified Project Manager and an ISO 9001 Lead Auditor, she was instrumental in implementing standardised systems across the corporation’s affiliates.

MALINI brings this Leadership and Entrepreneurial skills to BRM.

A Mentor and Spiritualist, MALINI draws on her personal experiences of motherhood whilst living in several continents. Besides growing up in Malaysia, she worked and lived in South Africa for five years, Jakarta for two years, and in Switzerland for three years, experiencing and respecting the different social norms, cultures, and religious views. All this has deepened her interpersonal growth as an individual and widened her perspective in life.

MALINI deeply respects the religious beliefs irrespective of religion and spiritual beliefs, as she herself is firmly rooted in the strength and support of divine grace and divine consciousness.

With this deeper understanding, MALINI acquired the inner voice to understand the vast aspects of spiritual science, which has helped MALINI make a difference in her own life and the lives of people and social groups who have sought her guidance. MALINI understands that life is much deeper than the surface that we ‘stand’ on.

Experience with MALINI

“MALINI brought a very holistic approach to the Consulting Service she provided to CTE Investments. In the first instance she aligned the energies in the Corporate office to facilitate flow as she worked with the executive team to achieve a high level of business development which spearheaded the expansion of CTE in an unprecedented manner.

Furthermore, my acquaintance with MALINI enabled a deep residing spirituality which I carry forward as my Buddhist practice deepens.

MALINI herself experienced high vibrational energy in her devotion in Cape Town as she actively led Sanghas and brought deep mindfulness to everyone she would contact.

Her empathy always shines through in every situation making a her a sought after guide in every instance.”

Patricia Norris, CEO of CTE Group of Companies, South Africa.

Having spent over a decade learning and growing with Annette Malini, she has shown to be one of the most mentally fit, and spiritually balanced people I have had the pleasure of being close friends with. She is an example of a high performing individual that sets the bar high for anyone around her. Malini has always shared her passion for helping others not only to reach financial independence but finding balance, both physically and mentally.

Malini is genuinely inspiring those around her to become influential people in any community they are present in, and her spiritual and positive demeanor translates across all backgrounds, religions and cultures. Having shared some experiences with her in different countries such as South Africa for 5 years, and Indonesia for 3 years, she truly impacts peoples lives wherever she is. Needless to say, Malini has impacted mine and my family’s life positively as well.

Annie Silindu, Founder of “Scope Community Services” Lilongwe, Malawi.

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