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Bluerose Malini - BlueRose Metaphysics stretch revolutionary methodology in Feng Shui & Vastu transcending cosmic science, merging down flow of wisdom, to applicational knowledge in elemental energy. Coupled with science of time , we tap in the right stars in various areas of life.
BlueRose Metaphysics, Feng Shui, Vastu, Projective Choice, Personal Reading, Pooja & Altar Services
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The People

MALINI– Founder & Director

Lausanne, Switzerland

Growing up, maturing, living, being a mother and a wife with various experience of social norms, expectations as well as family religious views and the experiences of various cultures and people from the homeland, traveling and staying aboard has deepened my interpersonal growth as an individual and perspective of life.


After having 13 years of experience working for a international corporate company, understanding the core of business systems and work culture, managed, lead and mentored Corporate Functional Heads in developing the Business management framework in South Africa on a Corporate/Centralise perspective as certified Project Manager and ISO 9001 Lead Auditor, implementing standardized systems across affiliates.


Along the way acquiring the inner voice to understand deeper aspects of spiritual science to make a difference in my own life and people around me as well to those who have come to me for help from various social groups, I understood that life is much deeper than the surface we live on.

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