BRMBizLaw BRM Business Mappings


Align to Human Evolution (Happiness and Team Cohesiveness).


Align to competency, ethic and compliance, values of leadership / top management.


Vision of business process align to the core purpose and aspiration of the company.


Internal Staff Compensation Structure.


Action plans align to the core purpose and aspiration of the company.


Requires change management plans and measurable align to audit and governance process.


Profitability mapped to administration and financial KPI.


Business Growth and Expansion Plans.


Requires urgency of action plans in relation to ownership, assets and people.


Woman in Management, Leadership, Financial Grace, Supporting Woman Upliftment, Golden Era, Feminine Polarity Dominance


Business alignment to branding and company image looking at projection of dominating Quantum Finance Law by quarter / term.


Harmonisation to include gender equality in the company by either congruent processes or actual gender.


BRMLifeLaw BRM Life Mappings

Divine Love

There is no one superior religion, for everyone is the part of the soul of the Universal Consciousness which doesn't have identification of Race, Gender, Colour. Respect every religion/spirituality and it's righteous practices or beliefs and live harmoniousness in love, peace, joy and happiness while taking care of family, society, and mother nature.


Reap what you have sown.


In the era when times are difficult, situations are not in control of one's capacity. Be mindful of your thoughts, words and actions.


Happiness is the objective of every community, citizen, household to strive towards happiness even in the chaotic times. Even if one is not happy, at least strive to make others happy with your deeds.


Practice daily balance between 4 different areas of life i.e. Love for God or Universe through evoking passion into activities (Bakti Yoga), Knowledge Seeking (Jnana Yoga), Selfless service to others that doesn't benefit the individual who is giving the service (Karma Yoga), Spend daily time to calm the mind i.e. meditation / singing / drawing / dancing / nature walks (Kriya Yoga)

Unified Laws

All leaders, households, organisations, nations should practice and encourage each and every individuals to strive towards conscious living principles.


Abundance is the manifestation of Grace through conscious effort to align back to human evolution. Purpose of life and products should be align to Human Evolution. Every individuals and entrepreneurs should consciously seek and understand what is your purpose and/or business and strive towards the purpose while maintaining your current responsibility.


Contribute back to society a minimum of recommended CSR / Charitable Donations per your business revenue / income. Do not mistaken this with compassion as this is a duty of every Citizen to give back some amount of financial Grace that is allocated to you.

Conscious Living

Always surrender to a higher force by daily spiritual / religious practices according to your own belief, rooted in righteousness. Set aside at least 10 minutes of your time daily to meditate / pray.


Respect, support and give due importance to mother nature, women leaders and mothers who are deemed righteous and spiritual. It's the era to support the rise of feminine energy for the rise of Righteous Feminine Leaders of the world. Understand and go beyond the limited self to embrace the world as your own.


Cyclic effects of cosmology effect us in every way, as every religion has some links to the Moon or Sun cycles and/or equinox for big celebrations or festivals, it is important to understand and observe fast and/or prayers in relation to individuals and/or belief system. It's recommended to practice abstinence and fast during no moon and full moon days.


Both women and men must strive to live harmoniously, respecting each and other innate capacity, no dominance of one force or the other. The rise of competent female leaders must be supported by everyone which is essential in the current times.