BRMBizLaw Business Category Quantum Financial Laws



All businesses and organisations must be purposeful in their products/services/solutions towards Human Evolution, Sustainability and United Nation Sustainable Development Goals encompassing Universal Values, creating and contributing towards a World of Peace, Love, Joy, Happiness, Well-Being, Shared Prosperity creating a harmonious united organisation and financial structure.


Executive (Competency)

All businesses and organisations must have competent shareholders and/or Board of Directors and/or top leadership aligned to ethics of human evolution and Universal Values and with spiritual capacity.



All businesses and organisations must ensure that business strategies in various areas of business processes must be align to the purpose and the aspiration of the company with efficiency and optimisation and conscious business practices towards the 3Rs - Reduce, Reuse, Recycle of environment.



In the olden days, communal and tribal concept was a culture of participation for the co-benefit for everyone such as building roads, houses and infrastructure without a salaried concept. Given modernisation and current economic situation, all businesses and organisations must ensure that the people's salary must be justified to the nature of the organisation and based on these criteria in minimum: Capacity, Quality deliverables, Competency, Creativity, Efficiency, and Accountability whilst demonstrating collaboration, teamwork, harmony, happiness and contribution.


People/ Product/ Process

Businesses and organisations must adhere their people, products and processes to governmental laws, health and safety standards, data and security requirements.



Businesses and organisations must ensure audit processes are being implemented to ensure compliance and governance.



Businesses and organisations must ensure the financial wealth distribution is fairly distributed across business processes in compliance with the Wealth Distribution Model of Quantum Laws requirements.



Businesses and organisations must factor innovation, R&D and expansion plans of products/services/businesses that can contribute towards human evolution.



Businesses and organisations must ensure, if they have financial capacity to first and foremost put a priority to contribute to the ecosystem for corrective, urgent and disaster response action plans in relations to natural disasters / crisis i.e. COVID / Chaos.


Women in Management

Businesses and organisations must ensure there is capable and competent women in shareholding and/or top leadership and/or management.



Businesses and organisations must ensure that the space for the people is conducive for well-being and incorporating the elements of nature to help in awakening and harmonisation of mind, body and soul.



Businesses and organisations must ensure that the processes for the people are compliant to equality without gender discrimination or any form of biasness towards people.


BRMLifeLaw Well-Being Category Quantum Life Laws

Divine Love

Universal Love

There is no one superior religion, everyone belongs to and is part of the Universal Soul or Consciousness which does not have identification of Race, Gender, Colour. Respect every righteous religion/spirituality and it's righteous practices or beliefs and live harmoniousness in love, peace, joy and happiness while taking care of family, society, and mother nature and strive towards enlightenment and awakening.



Good deeds that are deemed righteous and expressed in the physical expression and experience of life. You must sacrifice or demonstrate fearlessness in the service of the marginalised people and physically righteous leaders. You must show Dharma towards the nation and the world. You must respect spiritual righteous leaders. You must be compassionate and put others' need before your own are some examples of good merits. You will reap the fruits of such actions (Righteous compassion in action).

You will reap what you have sown.



In the era when times are difficult, situations are not in one's control and capacity, you must surrender to the higher Universal force. You must be conscious of your thoughts, words and actions.



Even if you are suffering/going through a hard time, you must learn to accept that these are all lessons to be learned. While going through such hardships in life, you must learn to strive to find happiness from within and show that happiness to others. As this is the truest lessons of happiness that will yield your own happiness.



You must practice daily balance between these 4 different areas of life i.e. Love for God or Universe through evoking passion into activities (Bakti Yoga), Knowledge Seeking (Jnana Yoga), Selfless service to others that doesn't benefit the individual who is giving the service (Karma Yoga), Spend daily time to calm the mind i.e. meditation / singing / drawing / dancing / nature walks (Kriya Yoga).

Unified Laws

Human Evolution

All leaders of a household and/or organisations including nations must practice and encourage each and every individuals to strive towards conscious living principles and Quantum Laws.



Abundance is the befitting of physical manifestation given to you by the Universe in experience of happiness, wealth, joy and love with your conscious effort i.e. you must be discipline with time management of your daily routines aligning back to spirituality and/or Quantum Laws OR recommended actions by Righteous Spiritual Authorities.



Financial Grace is an allocated abundance of one's earned Karmic capacity or befitted financial Grace by the Universe only when your purpose is aligned together with compliance of universal quantum laws. When the pot of allocated Grace is given to you, you must be disciplined with financial discipline in various areas of wealth distribution according to the Quantum Laws to harmonise the mind, body and soul.

Conscious Living


You must set a time daily for prayers and meditations according to your beliefs rooted in righteousness. Set aside at least 10 minutes of your time daily to meditate / pray.



You must respect, support and give due importance to mother nature, women leaders and mothers who are deemed righteous and spiritual. It's the era to support the rise of feminine energy for the rise of Spiritual Feminine Leaders of the world.



Cyclic effects of cosmology effect us in everyway and almost every religion has some links to the Moon or Sun cycles and/or equinox for big celebrations or festivals. You must understand this affects the Universe and your biology and this is a very foundation of your creation.



Both women and men must strive to harmonise the Feminine and Masculine polarity within you as this is who you are made of, and this is part of your awakening and evolution process.