BlueRose Malini BRM Genesis S-SWOT

BRM Quantum BizLEAP

A solution that focuses on socio-economy upliftment by improving business processes within a company that leads to revenue sustainability by using BRMBizLaw and proprietary formulation.

BRM Residential Science

BRM Residential Science

BRM Residential Science is a solution based on BRM@24TM, proprietary formulation that uses Hexa methodology to Redirect and Harness Maximum Grace in your space for your Business and Life Goals. Though similar in concept to Xuan Kong Da Gua (玄空大卦) and San Yuan Feng Shui (三元风水), BRM Residential Science is far superior in yielding Grace in alignment to Universal Laws.

BlueRose Malini BRM Strategic Directives

BRM Strategic Directives

A clear vision of directives in line with an individual that is seeking potentials of growth and expansion plans for their revenue increase so that they can contribute more to society. A 3 months forecasting and visionary directives on a high level of clear strategies.

BRM FinScience

BRM FinScience

To improve the quality of life through practical day to day actions incorporating universal laws to ensure maximum financial grace to flow.


BRM BizScience

BizTools that ensure affinity in line with business image, but also with universal laws and unique to a business or individual. Supporting KPI and profiling tools to ensure the right discipline in an organisation is tracked as well as the right individuals are assessed and selected.

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